Unlike any other cooking shows, PLATE YOUR DREAM is an event where anyone who is passionate about cooking can experience what it's like to be in a commercial kitchen setting serving their 5 thoughtfully created dishes to a room full of complete strangers. 

"Short Rib"
"Short Rib"
"Study Of Mushroom"
"Memories of Venezuela"
"Memories of Venezuela"
David Maya
Matt Munaretto
Hans Christian
"Valentine" - Yongmin Lee
"Healthy" - Yongmin Lee
"Duck" - Yongmin Lee
"The Garden" - Yongmin Lee
"Rice" - Bob Garrett
Bob Garrett
"Shroom" - Bob Garrett
"Fish Fry" - Bob Garrett
"Exotic" - Matt Munaretto
Matt Munaretto
"Winter Green"
Lure Izakaya (2016 - January)-17
Lure Izakaya (2016 - January)-11

POP LIFE is a Monday night event at Lure Izakaya that celebrates and features the exceptional talent in the restaurant industry.

Lure Izakaya invites guest chefs and libation enthusiasts to collaborate and create a coursed pre set food and beverage menu with quality product showcasing their unique talent and experience exploring varying themes, inspirations and curiosity.

POP Life Session II
Pop Life Session I
"Matcha"-Christian Sia
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